The future can’t be predicted, but it can be shaped. Wenwyn aims to help shape it by concentrating on insights for individuals, churches, cities, and the global future. These are the four places we think leaders can make the biggest difference and be the greatest blessing to others.

Our Vision

A world full of Christ-following leaders in churches and cities who navigate the future with insight.

Our Mission

We exist to provide insights and tools that help leaders navigate todays cultural dynamics

Our Motto

Our Motto: When you need a win at the intersection of leadership and culture a;sdlfkjas;ldfkja

Dr. Heinrich Derksen

President, Bibelseminar Bonn

"For many years Derek has inspired and taught others transformational insights into themselves and their world"

About Derek

Derek Webster is our CEO and founder. He is an author, teacher, and the lead pastor at Grace Pointe Church, a multi-campus church based in Naperville, Illinois. With about three decades in ministry, Derek has been a pastor, church planter (internationally and nationally) and has coached hundreds of leaders on cultural engagement and change management. His first book, Unlocking the Soul of a City, brings much of this expertise to bear by helping leaders know and reach the cities globally. His second book, Your Mess, God's Masterpiece looks at leader transformation and renegotiating relationships. Derek teaches, speaks, and consults globally on leadership, culture, and mission.

Derek holds several degrees, including: B.S. in Organizational Management, MDiv, MBA, and is completing his Ph.D. in Intercultural Studies at Trinity Evangelical Divinity School. 

Derek and his wife have three sons and are the proud grandparents of two grandchildren.

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About David

David Webster is our Director of Organizational Development. David grew up in Europe and the U.S., serving as a short-term missionary in both Israel and Iceland. He has served in a couple of roles as missions pastor leading trips nationally and internationally. In addition to teaching and speaking, David has also also pioneered work in intercultural connections, including language and religious exchanges.

David works with organizations to analyze and formulate strategies, coaches organizational change to help others meet their mission and goals by taking advantage of the opportunities presented in highly uncertain and rapidly changing global environments while also managing risks, identifying major issues facing clients and generating hypotheses and potential solutions against those issues. Finally, David helps execute large-scale organization transformations and redesigns focused on achieving improved performance and increasing efficiency around key values to address clients' mission-critical needs.

David has two beautiful children and is passionate about soccer, international cities, and languages.

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Core Values

  • Insight is valuable. We believe that insight is about blessing others with clarity and capacity. Insight also has value and is worth much if applied rightly.


  • Every story has its own arc. We believe that “similar” is not synonymous with “same.” Every individual, church, and city has a unique mission and story that shares similarities, but celebrates uniqueness. History has a redemptive narrative that God is working toward.


  •  Anybody can be reached. We believe that connection is intentional. While all people and places are equal, they don’t all have equal influence. This belief allows us to dream big, undaunted by perceived points or barriers of separation. The world is closer than we might at first think.


  • Joy brings perspective. We believe that there is a joy in the journey and application of insight. Fun can provide focus. This applies to events, dreams, and processes.


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Yes. Cost is 100 Euro/USD per hour on Zoom.

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Yes. Cost is 1000 Euro/USD per day + expenses.

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