Cities differentiate.

Every city is different. Each holds a unique value and culture. Learn to advance the differential.

Moving from Outsider to Insider


Faroe Islands

Sagacities was pleased to partner in order to discover and celebrate the unique values of the Faroe Islands. Telling their story with a short form video helped create conversations and platforms. The video has been since shown on their public television a couple of times.

Plainfield, Illinois

We partnered with Grace Pointe to celebrate the values of Plainfield, Illinois. Then we offered ways to leverage those values to build bridges and celebrate the city.















Geneva, Illinois

We worked with Grace Pointe Church ( to celebrate and tell the story of Geneva, Illinois. In the process, we were able to bridge new connections demonstrate insights, and recommend meaningful next steps as the church worked to plant a new campus in that city.


By knowing a city's values, leaders and individuals can know what makes each city unique and why it matters to them and to others. Unlocking the Soul of the City walks through seven key areas for discovering a city's values, and in turn, gives individuals and leaders the capacity to champion the city effectively.