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In this interview, Nancy Kreamer talks with Derek Webster about his pending book, Your Mess, God's Masterpiece: Find the Triumphant Life Your Heart Is Searching For


Dr. Eric Bryant, pastor Gateway Church in Austin, author of Not Like Me

"Self-help books continue to fly off the shelves in our broken, divided, and chaotic world. Too often these books offer temporary solutions or impossible results. Derek Webster offers a proven path towards healing and wholeness that offers lasting results we all desperately need."

Lori Pritchard, Christian counselor/psychotherapist

“With honesty and transparency, Webster unfolds the story of Joseph for adults looking for relevance in their own narratives, when issues they face seem to take them off track. There are tools here to consider, discuss, and move forward. God’s hand in your life is sure and purposeful.”

Dr. Craig Ott, ReachGlobal Chair of Mission at Trinity Evangelical Divinity School; author of The Church on Mission

"Derek Webster leads readers on a soul-searching and spirit-lifting journey seeing ourselves in the life of Joseph. Your Mess, God’s Masterpiece invites you to experience God’s renewing work in your life.”

Dr. Heinrich Derksen, President, BSB

"For many years, Derek has inspired and taught others on transformational insights into themselves and their world. Your Mess, God's Masterpiece is a timely book with timeless hope.”

Rev. Canon Dr. Scot McKnight+, Professor of New Testament, author of The Jesus Creed

"One of the Bible's great mini-biographies is about Joseph. What is not often noticed is the nuances of his story that are so common to what we experience. Joseph is us, one might say. Derek Webster, without forcing Joseph's story into some pre-existing mold, takes us on a journey to spiritual health and formation by following the shape of Joseph's life. But neither does Derek force each of us to have Joseph's life. Rather, there is here a profound recognition of the uniqueness of each of us and our need to grow in our faith into the person God made us to be. No matter who you are, something in Joseph's life will speak to you."

Dr. Edward Smith, President, Williamson College, Franklin, TN

"Biblically based sermons are vital for human flourishing.  Yet, some will often observe, they are necessary, but not sufficient.  Join Derek Webster as he masterfully navigates through the biblical life of Joseph, illuminating sound principles for genuine life transformation.  In Your Mess, God’s Masterpiece, Derek transcends common approaches for meaningful discovery by illuminating ground-level steps that bring sustainable change.  I’m a grateful beneficiary of his teaching and find Derek to be an intrepid thinker that is so desperately needed in the 2020s…and beyond."